Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Essay of Doom


I was forced into a torture trip, locked up in a mini-van... for what? In August I got to go on a trip for a week seeing 6 states, a water park, and a wedding! Two-thousand miles in a week takes a lot of sitting. On the first day we had to drive 700 miles and sleep in a motel. On the second day we finished half of the driving for the week.

When we finally go to the cabin it was sunny and windy. The next day we drove to Yellowstone to check out the sights to see. A lot of buffalo slowed us down going through it. After we saw everything we drove back to the cabin, had dinner, and slept for the night.

Four days later I got to go to my favorite place of the trip. The water park! I got to stay there for 5 hours unsupervised while my lungs filled with water. I’ll just say I screamed half the time and they stopped heating the pools in the middle of the day. After that we ate pizza, slept in a motel, drank chocolate milk, and drove home! I guess you can say it wasn’t really torture!

The End.