Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wii Fits Mii

Last week on Wednesday my family got Wii Fit.Wii Fit is a game that involves a balance board and the occasional Wiimote. It's an exercise game that will help you lose weight at an average rate. The balance board is even a scale so you don't need to leave the room to weigh yourself! It's made for those couch potatoes that never want to leave the living room and for the troglodytes that don't want to leave the house.

The game includes these sections: Yoga, Strength training, Aerobics, and Balance games. The Yoga is just for loosening your joints. The strength training is like the yoga except it includes stuff such as side planks and push ups for your core workout. Aerobics includes stuff such as hula hoops, short to long jogs, and boxing. The Balance games include stuff such as marble madness, skiing, and snowboarding activities.

The game also includes a system where you can set your goal of how much weight to lose in 1 week or more. At my rate I should lose 3 pounds for the 2 weeks I set it for. This is a game that your are supposed to do daily! Including on weekends. I have to say my favorite activity was hula hooping I even got a total of 1850 hula hoops in 6 minutes. For hula hoops the faster you go the more hula hoops you get to have on you. Anyway I recommend you go to the store and try it out now!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Feel the Burn!

Last week on Friday I went camping and got fried! It's been painful since Saturday from sunburns and I think I'm peeling like... a potato! I applied too much aloe to my skin where I got burnt! The burns are on both my arms completely and face completely and my neck some! Because I put on too much aloe I have hives all over me!

When I was camping I went fishing and caught three big trout! What really got me sunburned though was the canoeing for an hour in the hot sun and not being able to go back to land until everyone was done canoeing! My sunscreen did NOT last the full hour so eventually I started to turn into some bright red monster! Right now I can't open my mouth enough to talk clearly because my face is swollen and looks like a blob! I think my lesson is to apply sunscreen every ten minutes or you will be fried, don't use too much aloe or you'll get hives, and don't trust anyone who says let's get in the canoes!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring Recital

On Saturday I had a full hour recital that had some very short and some very LONG songs. I thought some songs had no end. One song mom wants me to learn is called Maple Leaf Rag.

The songs I played were Super Mario Bros. Underwater Theme, and Marines Hymn. On the Mario Bros. one I couldn't possibly do left hand becuase it was huge stretch for my hand and played quickly. Luckily it sounded the same without it which was strange.

One song was written entirely by Caitlin who is 13 and somehow the song sounds very familiar but is also extremely long its probably near 5-6 pages long. It was like some Through the Fire and Flames remade for piano.

Now I end my post.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Never Ending Download

Yesterday I downloaded a program that downloads a program and downloads each file in the program separately taking nearly 3 hours! I thought it would only take 10 maybe 15 minutes but it just kept going and going. I originally thought it would be 300-400 MB but within the first half-hour it turned out it was already 900 MB! Which was almost 3 times more then I expected I started to wonder if it was in some never ending loop but just in case it wasn't I waited an extra couple hours and found when it finished downloading it ended up being 3.5 GB total!

This is a program that was from 1999 in which it originally was 350 MB and it was around 40$ now its free but originally it was only 300 MB oh also the program I am talking about is a video game and SDK "source development kit" also the game it was can be viewed Here. In the end it turned out to be 10 times more then I expected I couldn't figure out why it was that much more then it originally was but it was still taking a lot of hard drive space.