Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When "Heck" Froze Over Mount Baker and Entered My Head

This is a snow trip that I wore too much on! It had 15 feet of snow and was warm! I had to take off a layer of my clothes to not burn up and get a fever. I went sledding but thought it was funner to go with no sled, so I did that half the time. I decided I wanted to make a big hole. I made the hole near the middle of the bowl shaped valley that was huge but that didn't stop people from going to the hole and escaping near death from others trying to backstab them on their way to freedom.

I don't know how but it actually WAS NOT worth it to walk back up the 45 to 80 degree slope. I dont know why because it was actually like a water park that forgot to make the water flow on the ride and then it froze solid and you went twice the speed of sound and hitting a rock bottom that broke your back so you didn't want to try again. That is my example of too much snow.

On the way home I got an ear ache that almost killed me from the pain. Mom put warm olive oil in my ear to stop the pain. That didn't work too well so they bought ear ache drops that I was evidently allergic to on any part of me but my ear. At first I wondered what the bumps covering my entire right arm were and then I figured out that I accidently dropped some on it and some under my ear that made me itch to death but I resisted and the bumps started to fade away after a day or two. This is an example of my life brought to you by my life from my life.