Monday, February 11, 2008

The Never Ending Train Ride!

Last week I went on 2 train rides to and from Oregon and will probably be the longest train ride I will have EVER taken and first. I have to say it was boring half the time during the train ride but on the way back it was like home because of my mom's laptop and my flashdrive :D. I need to say we were very lucky they had at least 1 outlet per seat. Also on the way down I had a carton of chocolate milk and a hot dog.
When we got to Oregon I got another chocolate milk.

On the way back for a small dinner I thought I would like a Macaroni and cheese from the train's kitchen too. I asked and they made it and it was HORRIBLE. Worst 4 bucks of my life D:! It was all dry when it was served meaning it had NO water, and there wasn't even macaroni in it, it also had very powdery and icky cheese. worst thing I ever tried and im glad aunt Tia didnt make me eat it.