Monday, June 2, 2008

Your Mission: Move the Dirt

Last Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday I had to do service projects at the Church, our neighbors, and Totem Middle School moving ALOT of dirt and bark. Each day doing it took about 1 to 2 hours. They each needed wheelbarrows moving the dirt, rakes smoothing the dirt, and shovels scooping the dirt. On Wednesday when we were doing it at the church I pushed a wheelbarrows the whole time. On Thursday at our neighbors I did the same thing. On Saturday I raked the dirt on the holes in the ground.

The time it took to bring the dirt from 1 place to another was tiring but also short at church. On Thursday when we went to the neighbors house I had to go back and forth over large bumps that kept getting the wheelbarrow stuck in holes and sometimes making it spill some dirt on the grass. On Saturday I pushed the wheelbarrow back and forth twice but the track was way too long so I got a rake instead. the rake was still a little difficult because it was hard to not ruin the grass. Well there you have it. A COMPLETED mission.