Friday, February 22, 2008

Too Cute

You might be wondering why this penguin is here, but if you want to know, read on:

I've had a computer for some time and I've recently upgraded the software and moved from Windows to a freeware system called
linux. Linux is something unlike most things, it has many different releases of it you can choose from. What I'm using right now is Kubuntu. Kubuntu is fairly easy for advanced users but requires alot of commands to install linux specific programs but that's something actually in almost all the releases of linux.

At the top you can see a cute little penguin named Tux. He stops the tiny war between pcs and macs. You might have some problems with using software but most programs have a linux version as well.

Hardware may seem like a difficult thing for some people. With linux you can install anything as long as it's compatible with your hardware and you can install different versions of releases of linux that are 32 bit or 64 bit software. You may be struggling at some point with linux because of the sheer amount of customization it has. For linux another thing with the hardware is you don't really need any except the basics. Some releases are from a mere 16MB and then to a large 4GB. The small 16MB you only need a CD or Flashdrive and the large you need a DvD or Flashdrive.

Installing linux is easy! Another thing you can do is just start up from the CD or DvD with no installation at all. When you make or buy a CD/DvD you put it into your cdrom, shut down computer, and start up. After about 20 seconds your computer will boot from cd and it will ask you if you want to Install or boot. On some computers you need to go to setup menu before it boots from CD/DvD and then change what the computer is booting up from. If you decide you want to install it there is the option of erasing Windows and just using linux OR keeping Windows but still being able to use linux.

Also instead of doing the whole installation you can just buy a computer with linux pre-installed. Most pre-installed linux computers are used but they have alot that are brand new with it pre-installed already.

If you followed my installation steps you will probably end up with a cd like mine and a desktop like this "shown at bottom".

P.S. Linux is for advanced users.