Monday, May 19, 2008

Feel the Burn!

Last week on Friday I went camping and got fried! It's been painful since Saturday from sunburns and I think I'm peeling like... a potato! I applied too much aloe to my skin where I got burnt! The burns are on both my arms completely and face completely and my neck some! Because I put on too much aloe I have hives all over me!

When I was camping I went fishing and caught three big trout! What really got me sunburned though was the canoeing for an hour in the hot sun and not being able to go back to land until everyone was done canoeing! My sunscreen did NOT last the full hour so eventually I started to turn into some bright red monster! Right now I can't open my mouth enough to talk clearly because my face is swollen and looks like a blob! I think my lesson is to apply sunscreen every ten minutes or you will be fried, don't use too much aloe or you'll get hives, and don't trust anyone who says let's get in the canoes!