Monday, May 5, 2008

The Never Ending Download

Yesterday I downloaded a program that downloads a program and downloads each file in the program separately taking nearly 3 hours! I thought it would only take 10 maybe 15 minutes but it just kept going and going. I originally thought it would be 300-400 MB but within the first half-hour it turned out it was already 900 MB! Which was almost 3 times more then I expected I started to wonder if it was in some never ending loop but just in case it wasn't I waited an extra couple hours and found when it finished downloading it ended up being 3.5 GB total!

This is a program that was from 1999 in which it originally was 350 MB and it was around 40$ now its free but originally it was only 300 MB oh also the program I am talking about is a video game and SDK "source development kit" also the game it was can be viewed Here. In the end it turned out to be 10 times more then I expected I couldn't figure out why it was that much more then it originally was but it was still taking a lot of hard drive space.

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