Thursday, April 3, 2008

Take Off!

Today I played Take Off! It was the longest game I ever played! Every time my mom or me got a take off! card when we were past the border we went back from where we were. It lasted a full hour for a usually short game that would take around 10 minutes. We even got doubles twice in a row of one color we couldn't use.

Almost every time we were near the finish a take off! card took us back. I used one of my planes to send one of my moms to the beginning but she used one of hers after that to send mine back and then it all began. We couldn't stop laughing at the Take Off! cards taking us back and doubles that we couldn't use. It was like the game was trying to make us play with no end!

My mom went to all "six continents available" I went to 5! Africa kept on pulling us back from where we were and Asia kept pushing us slightly forward. Australia is the only continent on this map that I never went too. I also didn't get to go to the countries New Zealand, Canada, and Japan.

In the end I finally won with a green after 2 turns that had colors that I couldn't use. Now I feel like doing a victory dance!


crashhanna said...

What kind of victory dance will you do?

It was a fun game. Even if I lost.

stephen said...

Excellent post. You wrote very well and it sounds like you had a great time playing.

Keira said...

Sounds like we need to pick up that game.