Thursday, January 31, 2008

Then I Got Called In!

Today I died at the orthodontist from my braces getting adjusted!

I had to get my appointment rescheduled twice from missing it once and then being sick two times. I'm glad the orthodontist was not mad.

Before I went in there were games. There was 1 gamecube and 2 playstation 2 games. 1 was golf another was a motorcycle racing game and then there was Mario Kart Double Dash. I had about a minute to play so I went to the racing one and it took about 2 minutes to load then I got called in!

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Keira said...

I remember the orthodontist being mad at me once for not telling him sooner that my bridge had slipped and pushed itself into the roof of my mouth--He had to saw it in half!

And there was the time I lost my headgear...