Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Be Over Prepared!

Yesterday I went to the SHoPP office and took a 45 minute test it had 1 or 2 hundred problems. At the end of it at least I got to see my grade levels on subjects each 1.0=1 grade and I got an 11.0 score in mathematics, 6.8 in writing, 9.8 in reading. and my basic skill level was 9.1.

Then it goes on and says for the math one: 11.0 is within the superior range of scores obtained by others at his grade level, as shown by "his" percentile rank (93) and "his" standard score (122).

Also after the entire test we were given 12 thick books that weigh a total of 25 lbs. This is an example of being OVER PREPARED! Also tonight is scouts and our motto is be prepared!

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stephen said...

If you take advantage of the books you will be prepared for anything you want to do and your scores will be even higher. You're the Man.